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home baking

November 2020

Pumpkin Spice Latte Tea Cake


Now enjoy PSL in your go-to malty cake recipe! Here’s a great opportunity to support your favorite local maltster, farmer, and coffee roaster at the same time! Ingredients: Deer Creek Tea Cake Mix 4 large eggs 1c butter 2c roasted squash or pumpkin puree  1/2c + 2T coffee ½ c powdered sugar Pinch of salt [...]

Pumpkin Spice Latte Tea Cake2020-11-17T15:33:43-05:00

September 2020

Stone Fruit Galette


Stone Fruit Galette This French-style pastry is similar to a tart or a pie with dough wrapped over a filling made from fruit, sugar, and crème fraiche. Made with all local organic grain and malt flour! Yields 8 servings Ingredients: Pale Wheat Pate Brisee 2 ¾ c (350g) organic all-purpose flour ¾ c (100g) pale wheat [...]

Stone Fruit Galette2020-09-16T07:31:15-05:00

June 2020

Malted Tarte au Fromage


Malted Tarte au Fromage   Pale Spelt Pate Brisee Instructions 2 ¾ c (350g) all-purpose flour ¾ c (100g) pale stone-ground spelt flour 10oz or 300g butter, chilled and sliced thin 5oz or 150g water, cold ¾ tsp or 5 g salt Add flour and cold, sliced butter to a bowl. Pinch the butter into the [...]

Malted Tarte au Fromage2020-06-26T07:39:52-05:00

Yogurt Soup with Malted Grains & Herbs


Yogurt Soup with Malted Grains & Herbs An excellent addition to your summer menu - nutritious and healthy dish made with local and seasonal ingredients!   Ingredients: 1 cup whole grain pale wheat, spelt, or triticale 32oz yogurt or buttermilk (Fiddle Creek cow’s milk yogurt or buttermilk, Shellbark Hollow goat’s milk yogurt, Day Spring sheep’s [...]

Yogurt Soup with Malted Grains & Herbs2020-06-26T07:50:11-05:00

May 2020

Zero Added Sugar Date Oatmeal Bars Recipe


Zero Added Sugar Date Oatmeal Bars Recipe   A super-easy recipe for a healthy snack or breakfast! Incorporates 100% locally grown grain and flour from our online store. 20min prep, 20 min bake + cooling; Yield: 16 servings Ingredients: 1 cup chopped dates 1/2 cup water 1-1/2 cups rolled oats 1 cup all-purpose flour 1/2 [...]

Zero Added Sugar Date Oatmeal Bars Recipe2020-06-03T08:19:33-05:00

Spring Grain Salad


Spring Grain Salad   Cooked whole hulless malted grains are a delicious source of fiber and nutrients, and a refreshing alternative to rice or pasta for hot or cold dishes. Order them in bags of 1.5#, 27.5# or 55#. Experiment by combining smoked and unsmoked grains. Meanwhile, support your local market by sourcing produce from Rineer [...]

Spring Grain Salad2020-07-14T07:12:50-05:00

Malted Cornmeal Rhubarb Cake


Malted Cornmeal Rhubarb Cake   We all love apples, (of course we do!) especially from our favorite local orchards. By mid-spring, though, we crave something bright and tangy and if we're lucky: color! Rhubarb is a welcome entree to warmer months ahead, and is versatile enough to suit any context: savory, sweet, hearty breakfast or [...]

Malted Cornmeal Rhubarb Cake2020-06-03T08:16:10-05:00

April 2020

Malty Dog Biscuits


Malty Dog Biscuits   April 20th, 2020, Monday. Week 5 of fully remote work from home. Between local farmers markets and home delivery service we're good on most basic groceries but our dog Ziggy has run out of snacks. Unacceptable! I'm no canine nutritionist, but my experience tells me that most human foods are not [...]

Malty Dog Biscuits2021-01-03T14:01:35-05:00

July 2019

Malt Pancake Recipe


Malt Pancake Recipe   We love to bake at home with malt and this recipe is one of our favorites. The addition of malt improves flavor, texture and browning, the effects of which can vary with malt type. Don't be afraid to try experimenting with different malt styles at home. Remember, a little (1-5%) goes [...]

Malt Pancake Recipe2020-02-27T14:36:09-05:00