Unmalted whole grain is available for brewing, baking and distilling. Choose whole kernel if you have your own milling equipment. All whole kernel grain is carefully cleaned and bagged. Otherwise, we offer coarsely crushed grain (roller mill) or fine ground flour (stone mill) options, which are often preferred for home baking.

These are the same high quality, locally grown grains we use to process into malt ingredients. Everything is non-GMO and all natural and we source organic whenever possible. Red and White Wheat flour are common baking ingredients, and can be used in recipes that call for “Whole Wheat Flour”, “All Purpose Flour”, or “Bolted Wheat Flour”. Visit the recipe page on our news/blog for inspiration using grain & malt ingredients.

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Receive a FREE 1 oz packet of yeast with any unmalted grain/flour order over $40!