In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering a way for consumers to help support local farms and feed people in need.

How it works:

Purchase “Neighbor Loaf” by adding this item to your cart. We then donate 100% of the grain sale to bakeries for bread production & distribution to those in need by The Common Market. Every purchase helps produce approximately loaves of bread!

This initiative helps support the local grain value chain during the pandemic. Right now, many farmers are planting grain, and they need to know they’ll have a place to sell this year’s crop. Local mills need to continue processing last year’s grain, while local bakers are facing reduced revenue in this new retail environment.

At the same time, emergency feeding organizations are in need of bread. Food banks and pantries often rely on donations from retailers, but since bread is flying off the shelves at commodity grocery stores, there isn’t much to spare.

Want to help? Add Neighbor Loaves to your cart! Each unit corresponds to a 1.5 lb retail bag of All Purpose Flour made from locally grown organic wheat – Enough to produce approximately two loaves of bread.

Collaborating Bakeries:

Philly Bread

High Street on Market

Lost Bread

and more!

(inspired by our friends at the Artisan Grain Collaborative)