In our latest collaboration, we’ve teamed up with Chatty Monks Brewing Company (Reading, PA) to bring you Hazy Dance Moves, our next experimental hazy IPA.

Hazy Dance Moves builds flavor and mouthfeel with the combination of our Keystone Pale Ale barley malt, Pale Spelt malt, and Small Valley Mills Rolled Oats. Whirlpool and double dry hop additions of Citra, Galaxy, and Mosaic add notes of citrus and tropical fruit.

This delightful dance produces a 6.6% ABV out-of-this-world-IPA-experience!

ABV: 6.6%

Malt: Keystone Pale Ale, Pale Spelt, & Rolled Oats
Hops: Citra, Galaxy, Mosaic
Yeast: Hazy IPA
Color: Hazy Golden

We Sense: lemon zest, orange-pineapple smoothie