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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering a way for consumers to help support local farms, feed people in need, and keep our local front line medical workers and essential business personnel in PA safe.

Add “Neighbor Sanitizer” to your cart to help support ethanol production and formulation into hand sanitizer production by the PA Distillers Guild. Local distillers are following the WHO recommended formulation, which includes 80% ethanol, 1.45% Glycerol, and 0.125% hydrogen peroxide (v/v).  PEMA and the PA Dept. of Health are determining how much sanitizer gets allocated to which requesters, and when it will be sent. Each unit corresponds to a 1.5 lb retail bag of Independence Pale Ale malt made from locally grown barley – Enough to produce approximately three 4 oz bottles of hand sanitizer. Every purchase helps keep our medical staff, postal workers, and other food manufacturing personnel safe!

Add “Neighbor Loaves” to your cart to help bakeries produce bread for those in need of food for distribution by The Common Market. Each unit corresponds to a 1.5 lb retail bag of All Purpose Flour made from locally grown wheat – Enough to produce approximately 2 loaves of bread. Every purchase helps bake a loaf of bread and feed people in need!

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