We’ve been anxious to share this unique release for months. In collaboration with the Pink Boots Society local Chapter, Tannery Run Brew Works, and Boardroom Spirits, we bring you two similar but distinct beers under one moniker: SPLATCHPACK.

Employing the method of split-batch brewing, Tiamat Lager Boots and its bigger, bolder sister brew Saphire Strong Boots derive from the same base ingredients but are finished separately. Both feature our First Crack Malt along with the 4th Annual Pink Boots Blend hops made by Yakima Chief Hops.

Starting this weekend find 4-packs of SPLATCH containing two cans of each style at a Farmers Market near you! When you buy, a portion of the sale will go to support the Pink Boots Society in funding their efforts. See below to learn more about our collaborators.

See descriptions for both brews below, courtesy of Tannery Run:

Tiamat Lager Boots – Hoppy Amber Lager, 4.4% ABV | 38 IBUs
Brewed in collaboration with Deer Creek Malthouse, this lager abounds with herbal and citrusy hop aromas along with notes of tropical blossoms and toasted crackers. This beer is hopped exclusively with the 4th Annual Pink Boots Blend made by Yakima Chief Hops. Using First Crack Malt, Deer Creek Malthouse’s Melanoidin style locally grown malt with dark roasty bitterness with rich maltiness, and notes of toasted bread, burnt sugar, and dried fruit.

Saphira Strong Boots – Barrel-Aged American Strong Ale, 10.2% ABV | 69 IBUs
Brewed in collaboration with Deer Creek Malthouse and Boardroom Spirits, this American Strong Ale was aged in Boardroom Spirits’ rye whiskey barrels for three months and boasts rich oak and citrus aromas on the nose with plenty of spicy rye character on the palate along with deep notes of caramelized sugar and dried fruit. This beer is similarly hopped exclusively with the 4th Annual Pink Boots Blend made by Yakima Chief Hops, and uses Deer Creek’s First Crack Malt with equal effect.

About Tannery Run Brew Works

Tannery Run Brew Works is an independently owned craft beer brewery and restaurant located on Butler Avenue in the heart of downtown Ambler, Pennsylvania. Named for the Tannery Run waterway that flows directly beneath their building, sixteen taps serve their signature “SPLATCH” method of brewed beers, made on-site in a seven-barrel system. The kitchen was recently renovated, and the restaurant has reopened for on-site dining.

About The Pink Boots Society

Pink Boots Society is the fundamental, leading resource for women fermented beverage professionals. We are an international 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that assists, inspires, and encourages women industry professionals to pursue their passions through furthering their education and advancing their careers. Our organization focuses on building community and breaking down barriers for women in the fermented beverage industry. We encourage collaboration, inclusion, and resource building. We work with our community partners to create scholarships every year that enable our members to follow their passions. By providing educational opportunities that allow our members to pursue a career they’re passionate about, the Pink Boots Society supports women in their goals to gain knowledge and skills that drive innovation across the industry.