PA Pride Double IPA, the fifth release in the ongoing “PA Pride” beer series, hits select menus and farmers’ markets today, Friday April 1. In a continued effort to showcase the robust Pennsylvania agriculture industry, breweries from across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania teamed up to produce the 8% Double IPA to show the love and pride we all share for the Keystone state.

For this edition of PA Pride, we landed on a delicious recipe for Double IPA to showcase the flavor and mouthfeel-enhancing qualities of Pennsylvania grain complemented by the fresh and experimental flavors and aromas of South African hops. The fortifying strength of Double IPA will carry us through the chill of early spring, while the delightful aromas of berry, citrus, tropical fruit, and dank resin herald the arrival of warmer days ahead.” says Ted Brochu of Deer Creek Malthouse.

PA Pride Double IPA is available in 16-ounce cans from over 30 Pennsylvania breweries who joined the collaboration (click on the map below to see more). The label for this beer features the original PA Pride artwork that this beer series has become well known for, showcasing the iconic PA keystone outline.

This hazy Double IPA starts with a warm malty foundation—consisting of a blend of Keystone Pale Ale, Colonial Pilsner, Pale Wheat malt, and Rolled Oats from Deer Creek Malthouse—that retains much of the qualities of the late addition whirlpool hops. A South African hop blend offers characteristics reminiscent of red berries, iced tea, pineapple with a dank resinous smooth finish.  Our collaborators range in location and in brewery size but all share the same passion for exciting local beer brewed with friends for friends and we’re excited to share with beer enthusiasts throughout the region.

“PA Pride reminds us how combining the familiar with the unknown can result in exceptional results. Our recent collaborative efforts include a familiar PA Craft Malt from Deer Creek and a more unfamiliar South African hop blend including African Queen, Southern Passion, and an experimental variety called Southern Hospitality. 

Much has changed and much has stayed the same with brewing in recent years, yet this beer combines the age-old dedication to brewing quality beer using quality raw materials with new techniques to create a sustainably hazy IPA that continues to remind drinkers why PA breweries have so much Pride in their beers and why we are so proud of Pennsylvania.” says Jason Macias of ZH Hops & Malt

Those who have enjoyed this beer series will be excited to know that additional versions are in the works. According to the organizers’ PA Pride 6, 7, and 8 plan to be a Fruited Sour, Multigrain Saison, and Amber Lager respectively. Those beers will be released to the public throughout the remainder of 2022. Be sure to follow BreweriesInPA.com/PAPride for all current and future release details.

Meanwhile, there’s still time to try the PA Pride 5.0’s predecessors: PA Pride Hazy Pale Ale, PilsnerKölsch and Hazy IPA are available on their own, in a mixed 4-pack, or in mix-and-match 24-pack cases. You can also make your own PA Pride 5.0 at home with our just released PA Pride 5.0 Double IPA Homebrew Kit!

Visit a map and list of breweries releasing PA Pride 5.0 courtesy of Breweries in PA.