Millstone Rye Whiskey


Three hundred years ago the Brandywine Valley was known as the “breadbasket of the colonies”. The region provided quality goods, fresh food, and delicious whiskey to the surrounding areas, all powered by innumerable mills. Farmers produced high quality grain, and maltsters & millers added value by processing the grain for supply to food and beverage artisans.

Millstone Rye‘ is the newest aged spirit from our friends New Liberty Distillery located in a vibrant north Philadelphia neighborhood, just minutes from Center City. The distillery once served as a stable, and much of its architecture, including the horse stalls, have been preserved. Now home to a custom-made still, as well as the rick house where whiskey is barrel-aged, they also have a beautiful bar and tasting room where craft cocktails can be enjoyed on premises.

Made with our handcrafted rye malt that was locally grown and traditionally floor germinated, ‘Millstone Rye‘ has delightful notes of honey and orange blossom peppered with spice from the heritage grain. Mellowed to perfection in premium seasoned barrels and available now for purchase at the distillery as well as Art in the Age tasting room and home bar supply store in Philly. Cheers!