New Product: Hulless Oats

You asked; we listened.


 You love to chew them, you love them for breakfast, you love them in pizza and bread, you love them in granola, and you definitely love those NE-IPAs brewed with them. Sometimes the oat hulls put a little damper on an otherwise delicious ingredient for certain food & beverage applications. You asked for higher test weight and cleaner flavor/aroma, and we found a local solution…Hulless Oats are now in the (malt) HOUSE!

Hulless oats are a variety of oats that grow naturally without a hull. Mechanically dehulled oats can damage the grain’s ability to sprout, a vital step in the malting process. Traditionally grown for high end horse feed, hull-less oats have found a new home in health food markets. Our oats are proudly grown and malted in Pennsylvania, and we are excited to add this unique malt to the Pennsylvania Craft Malt ingredient lineup!

Our Pale Hulless Oats are germinated similarly to other hulless grains like rye, taking care not to damage kernels during the malting process. Floor malting allows us to keep a close eye on these delicate kernels, and turn carefully by hand. Lightly kilned, our hulless oats weigh in at 2 SRM and produce a very clean, sweet wort without as much earthy and fibrous characteristics as their hulled oat counterparts. Contact us for a sample of Pale Hulless Oats today and check out our many other delicious malt-ingredients currently in stock!