Grain Testing Process


We offer FREE quality testing to anyone interested in using their grain for food & beverage end markets.

To have your grain evaluated for malting or milling quality, please send a representative 1 pound sample (~ 1 quart ziplock bag) addressed to:

Analytical Services
1629 E. Street Rd.
Glen Mills, PA 19342


The following must be include on the sample label to ensure accurate and timely processing:
1) Grower name & mailing address
2) Grower phone number & email address
3) Grain source (if different than grower address)
4) Grain type & variety
5) Harvest date
6) Herbicides & pesticides used (if applicable)
7) Organic Certification (if applicable)

Upon sample receipt, one of our maltsters will contact you to confirm receipt and address any questions about the grain. Quality testing typically ~1 week and a report of the results will be sent to the grower email address provided with the sample.

Questions? Give us a call at 717.746-6258 or send an email to [email protected].