Pennsylvania Craft Malt – without the alcohol

We’re excited to share a brand new malty beverage with you at your local farmers’ market! With a nod to Korean Boricha and Japanese Mugicha, our homegrown variation of roasted barley tea takes cues from tradition but borrows natural sweetness and nutty flavor from craft malted grains.

Try Barley Tea – Original in place of coffee or black tea for an earthy energizer free of caffeine and alcohol. Meanwhile, enjoy the subtle addition of organic lemongrass and hemp in Barley Tea – Herbal. Finally, your usual flavored sparkling water or kombucha have nothing on Barley Tea – Peach and Mixed Berry. Here, bright, natural fruit flavors combine with a backbone of warm toasted malt for a well-rounded and satisfying refresher.

Keep an eye out, we’ll offer one of these flavors each week so you’ll have a chance to try them all!

Coming soon: Canned versions of our barley teas, which can poured in a glass over ice or enjoyed directly from the can on the go.