High quality, flavorful, ingredients handcrafted in Pennsylvania

We started making malt because we are passionate about agriculture and craft beer and believed there was something inherently wrong with the regional grain/malt supply chain. Although millions of pounds of malt were being consumed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for craft beer alone, this essential ingredient was being treated as a commodity and sourced exclusively from outside the region. Pennsylvania has a rich history of farming and brewing, and there was a clear disconnect in the local food system.

And so it was that Pennsylvania Craft Malt was born: High quality, flavorful, malt ingredients handcrafted using locally grown grain. Founded in 2012, Deer Creek Malthouse is committed to creating more sustainable malting infrastructure in Pennsylvania by adding value to grain for regional food and beverage artisans. We believe that truly amazing things can happen when you shorten the supply chain!



Our goal is to make malt that helps drive quality and innovation in the craft food and beverage industries. The needs of craft brewers are different than large adjunct brewers; just like the needs of brewers are different from distillers and bakers. We strive to understand the unique requirements of each food and beverage artisan and produce high quality malt ingredients that add superior value.



We are committed to using only the highest quality and responsibly sourced grains as inputs at our malthouse. Sustainability across the entire malt barley supply chain starts at the farm, and all of the grain used to support our production is estate grown or sourced in close proximity to our malthouse.  We have an unwavering commitment to the environment, our community, our farmers, and the many artisans who use our malt ingredients.



Our experienced team of maltsters understands the art and science of malting, and we believe there are no shortcuts when it comes to distinct flavor and aroma. We carefully and purposefully handcraft malt ingredients with a modern approach to traditional methods. We are constantly selecting new & unique varieties of grain as inputs while improving our sensory skills and malting process to produce the most flavorful specialty malt ingredients.

Pennsylvania Craft Malt